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PAA:F to Neo Kyogo; 19 AB - 29 AB, still subject to change.
Topic Started: Jun 21 2014, 10:20 PM (790 Views)
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December of 19 AB, Principal Dante was asked kindly by the government to revoke his position as principal
of the Pokemon Arts Academy. At the same time, the world government seized the underground research that was taking
place on the small island of Kyogo.
There were multiple successful trials in testing the prototypes of bionic arms, legs, eyes, even main organs. In development
was a system to maintain the human body despite a fatal illness or disease.
For the next two years, the world government finalized all prototypes and designs that were researched under Dante's supervision.
The group in charge of all this research was led by a main ring of scientists that would be later known better as Team Nova.
This group had risen in power for the last few years, having failed at trying to create the same technology that was being studied at
Kyogo at the time. Once the research was found by the government, they applied to undertake the final steps in production.

June of 21 AB, the Cyber Evolution took place with the release of the new technology into the public. The government released that
all studies had taken place in the new tech capital of the world, Kyogo, by the ring of scientists.
Seeing that the research had taken place with facilities also used by the Pokemon Arts Academy, the school recieved new recognition and popularity among the youth and parents.
Desperate to allow their children to partake in the new developments, enrollment increased and population around the island itself as well.
The mass of public accepted the new technology with open arms at first, seeing the benefits of the technology only.

January of 22 AB, the public begins to customize the technology more and more. Eyes can now be modified to take pictures, surf the internet, take video, change colors, etc.
Legs are made to order depending on matching the skin and appearing as a normal leg, or in new designs modified to increase running and optimize energy.
Arms created to display information on forearms when directed to. Chest modules now display EKG directly over the heart, which can be completely manufactured now as well.

January of 25 AB, a hint of changes in society are starting to take place. Buildings getting taller and neon lights lighting up the street more than ever.
The first crimes of hacker gangs are felt as well, primarily originating in Black City.
Amateur hackers begin to appear everywhere, playing pranks on other people to serious crimes.

June of 25 AB, Jubilife City holds a fair in which Poketech is to begin it's new line of modifying actual pokemon.
Protests and boycotts fill the streets, drawing out the people who have never been in favor of the dominating tech culture.
At the same time, tech enthusiasts gather at the fair to see the new release.
The night of June 6th, an anonymous group of hackers cut Jubilife off the grid before the big release. Hysteria broke out within the city as
people's bodies that had be enhanced by technology failed. Conflicts between the passionate enthusiasts and protesters broke out, turning the situation violent.
Many lives are lost either from malfunctioning technology or within the conflict.
Power was restored days later. The hacker group is still trying to be identified by the government, but the "hippie" groups have been targeted as suspects.

January of 27 AB, major society changes are present. Hacker gangs are prevalent in every city, people have modified their bodies completely, cities have completely transformed.
On Kyogo, the student body reflects such changes. Morals have almost been lost, the campus is redone in most parts to showcase the technological advances of the time.
Fights break out between hippies and tech heads regularly.
The group of scientists, Team Nova, has grown greatly to continue their research there.
The government has finally allowed a new principal to come in after their control, the new principal still has remarkable ties with the government.
Corrupted members of Team Nova have set up the black market of technology now known unique to Kyogo.
This same band has also released information regarding an old government project still being done. The project is known as Super Computer, which took a voluntary human subject and proceeded
to enhance the body and mind with technology, essentially integrating a human with a computer. It is said once operational it will contain unseen strength and remarkable access to information.
The being at this point as accumulated a cult following.

January of 28 AB, Society gets worse.

August of 29 AB, He-ey it's a new school year.
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